Saturday, May 15, 2004

Name of the day: Dontavian Miche'l. I don't understand why certain people feel the need to throw in an apostrophe ANYWHERE they want. It boggles my mind. I can't comprehend the phenomenon. I want to hit all of the people who do this. Line them up!

I haven't felt like writing anything lately because most of my thoughts have been violent in nature, and who wants to read the mad rantings of a bitch? What it boils down to is I wish my parents would see the light and oust "the sisters".

Ursula Braunstaen has been organizing a certain charity organisation's "celebrity" golf tournament and auction that will be held this weekend. It bugs me that she has had hundreds of people marching through the office with auction items and storing them in the back office. It bugs me that more important, her-PAYING-job-related things have gotten pushed aside. It bugs me that she has Pushy Amalgam doing auction related things when she should be doing her paying-job FIRST. I'm glad all of this is over tomorrow night.

And speaking of tomorrow night, guess who will be the "auction writer" for the big event. Me! Yep, I get to listen to the man jibber-jabber about stuff, and then I write down the winning bid and buyer if I can understand what the man says. I'm not too thrilled about it. I guess my favorite thing is the idea that I get to sit back and mentally laugh at the k-list celebs who will be gracing Ouachita Parish with their presence. Among them are several "Survivor" losers. You see, Clay (whatever his name is), the losing semi-finalist of "Survivor: Thailand" is from here. He's gotten some of his "Survivor" buddies to come down for the occasion. I have no idea who these people are because I've never watched the show. I'm a "Friends" fan. You should hear Ursula ooing and ahing over the "celebrities" who are coming.

Let me see if I can give you an idea of who'll be here. Doug Pederson of Brett Farve's backup-fame is hosting the event, so he has some Packer pals coming down here: Bob Kuberski, Craig Nall, Ryan Longwell, and Donald Driver, to name 4. Monroe's own Bubby Brister (HA!). Tim Couch will be here. And for the Mormons (We like to be called Latter-day Saints, if you please.)...Koy Detmer and his hairy self. That's enough of that. That's all of the stardom I can handle today.

Now if I may, I'm going to take my second nap of the day.


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