Monday, May 03, 2004

I have really been slacking on my "Name of the day" searching. I guess that happens when I quit looking in the paper or quit going to work. Well, I am going into work today, so I should have something really good...maybe. I did look in the obits and found names like Beulah and Vesta, but those are hardly funny when they belonged to people who had lived 101 and 95 years respectively. Now if it was a newborn baby, HA! Sheer comedy. I'd probably track down the poor bugger and get her primed for a life of name torture. But these people are dead. May they rest in peace...peace from a life of bad names. Am I being irreverant? Probably. Sue me!

So last night I was watching an NBA playoff game between the Lakers and the Spurs, and I had another fond flashback from my world travels. Last year at this time, I was in Senegal in West Africa, and we (my study abroad group) were staying in a rather nice hotel with great satellite cable. Hey, getting MTV in freaking Africa means great satellite. Some of us (like 5 of us) thought it'd be fun to stay up all night and watch the NBA Championship games (which started around 1 AM there). We all met in one of the rooms with our pringles, carambars, and fanta, and watched while listening to the commentators, who spoke French. One of the commentators was obviously American because he had a horrendous French accent, and he directly translated American idioms (thank you, Zannah). At one point somebody from one team totally stuffed another guy who was shooting, and the commentator shouted, "PAS DANS MA MAISON!!!" (NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!) We cracked up so hard; we were all crying. It was hilarious. Not long after our recovery, another player made this fabulous shot, and the commentator bellowed, "S'IL VOUS PLAIIIIIIIIIT!!!" (PLEAAAASSSSSE!!!) It was awesome! 'Twas the best time I've ever had watching any championship game. This year I shall watch pining for last years conditions.


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