Sunday, May 09, 2004

Before moving to France, I would say that I was a very mild fan of Tori Amos. I liked her music, I thought she was weird, I owned two albums, yada, yada, blah... After I moved to France, she released "Scarlet's Walk". I listened to it once in the store, I bought it, I was hooked. I love that album. When I heard she was having a concert in Paris, I bought a ticket. After her show, I would say that I had a strong addiction. I went out and bought all of the albums I didn't own plus any singles or EPs I could find. (Europe is a good place to find those.) She's all I listened to for 6 months, at which point I was back in the states, and I saw her again in concert while visiting one of my best friends in Minnesota thus recharging my addiction. Lately I have been really good about listening to other things. I've bought about 20 new cds in the last 2 months, none of which have her name on them. Some weeks I haven't even touched a Tori cd, but today...I've totally relapsed. I don't care about hearing anything else right now. Sure, I still love all of those other people I love, but right now they're like taking Bayer when I need a heroin IV in my arm. Right now I just need her piano and her breathy, ill-pronounced lyric.

This morning (pre-Tori-relapse) I was listening to some French songs. I have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to French music. One of them is Lara Fabian. Before I knew who she was, I thought I was listening to Celine Dion; they sound so similar, so now you know why she's a guilty pleasure. I was listening to her song, "Je t'aime", and it overpowers me every time I hear it. It is so romantic, and while she isn't Edith Piaf and she's not singing to an accordion, the song does make me think of those things, of "La Vie en Rose", of street musicians, of walks along the Seine kissing and holding tightly to a whirlwind, one-night only affair (I don't remember his name), of scarves, of cafes...of everything that I think is sexy and romantic about France basically, and I long to return there. (exhale)


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