Sunday, April 11, 2004

Well, I made my first impulse buy in months, maybe even years, today. I was chatting with Llew this afternoon, when I remembered that the Pixies would be performing in Atlanta in October. So I asked her when tickets would go on sale. She informed me that they already had, so I looked at Ticketmaster and found a ticket. She talked me into buying it, and I did. So in October I will go all the way to Atlanta to see the Pixies, but that is a definite perk.

Other perks:
Actually meeting Llew face-to-face (I'm so excited!)
Exploring Atlanta with her, thereby having a blast
Getting out of town
Leaving parents
Having something to blog about
Rekindling former crushes had on Pixies members
Renewed desire to listen to my Pixies cds
Being in my baseball Mecca
mmm...Johnny Estrada...
Replenishing the dried concert-well
My mom's sick of listening to Tori almost every time she gets in my car. When she hears the Pixies, she'll be begging for me to put Tori back in.
mmm...Johnny Estrada...