Wednesday, April 07, 2004

There is no name of the day. I'm sorry. I just never saw or heard anything that caught my attention today.

Today was the best day of this week so far. I didn't have to assist. I got to be out of the office a lot because I had to do different things. AND...the greatest thing of all...I was reminded that we ARE NOT WORKING FRIDAY!!! That is my favorite news ever. I know I said that a few weeks ago, but today it was so much better because the last two days were so crappy.

On Wednesday afternoons Prudence McQueen, Muffy O'Connell and I spend the last two hours chuckling because Pouty Amalgam, the daughter of Pushy Amalgam, one of "the sisters", comes into the office. She is almost 14, and she speaks in baby talk. I promise that I'm not lying or exaggerating. She doesn't enunciate, she keeps her mouth in this sort of puckered-up position, and she whines. It is the most pitiful and disgusting thing I've ever witnessed from an almost 14 year-old. The worst thing of all, though Pushy Amalgam talks to her in the same way. I want to give both of them such a smack. Instead the terrible three, we go into the kitchen and take turns doing our best impression of Pouty and consequently laughing hysterically. It's the highlight of our Wednesday afternoons.