Friday, April 02, 2004

Name of the day: Normal Parm. That's the cop's name, and he was born and raised here. Why can't people give their kids normal names?! I'm sorry...I had to say it.

There is nothing like an empty house where you can just open up your lungs, pipes and mouth and belt out some notes. When my parents are gone, that's my favorite thing to do...that and pound out some old song I used to play on the piano. I don't really like people to know that I can sort of play the piano. That's why I only sort of play it when I'm by myself. I wish I were by myself more often because I quite enjoy making noise in the house. It's fun. My favorite thing, though, is when everyone's gone while I'm taking a shower, and I know they will be gone the whole time. The accoustics in my bathroom are awesome for singing. Sound just bounces off the walls, and I can drop a pretty good beat on my belly to accompany myself. I love music! Our piano really could use a tune-up.


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