Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Name of the day: Monroe. Not as in where I grew up...but as in a boy's name! It's a stupid name...not for a city, but a kid...and not for a last name, but a first. "Monroe, get out of that street!" "Monroe, go blow your nose, son!" "Monroe, do you know who is yo' daddy?" It sounds dumb, doesn't it?

So these last two days, I've eaten close to my weight in Cadbury creme eggs. I think I'm starting to look like one. Or my boobs are, one. They're bigger anyway. It's a shame that when I lose the cadbury weight, I'll lose those, too. Sigh...

I'm really pist that the president was so inconsiderate addressing the nation during the only show my world stops for. I was in the raunchiest mood this afternoon when I found out that 24 was going to be pushed ALL THE WAY to Sunday because the president had to do whatever he did...make excuses, probably. Anyway...I'm leaving this paragraph because I've calmed down, but I'm getting all worked up again. UGH!! David Palmer is my president!

So, yeah...I wanted to say something else, but ma haine for things Bush does has taken over my thoughts. I guess I'll just close now. Good night.

Oh! This story a guy told in his blog cracks me up.