Thursday, April 29, 2004

Name of the day: Hayven Louise. If someone is going to be trendy by naming her child something that doesn't exist as a name, then don't give her the middle name Louise. I mean, I love my grandmother, too; she's the best. But Mildred won't be part of my child's name. If I want my daughter to be a cheerleader at Neville High School, then maybe I'll consider calling her Mimi (what people actually call my g-ma. "Mildred" is so formal...a name one would use while wearing nice hats during afternoon tea with Louise, Hazel, and Dorothy.)

Histamine is a bitch, y'all! I've had a crappy week due to allergies. I've had enormous headaches everyday, my throat is dry and itchy, I can't stop sneezing, and my eyes are watery. I take stuff to combat it, but the headaches have been sticking around. So I haven't worked that much this week (Being able to miss whenever I don't feel good is a perk of working for my dad.)

There is another reason why I haven't been to work much. My dad has his archery stuff spread out across the room where I do all of my work, preventing me from doing my real job. So I have to invent things to do in the same area where Pushy Amalgam, one of "the sisters", works. I don't like to make idol chitchat with "the sisters". They bug me and they are always bitching about how they weren't satisfied with the customer service somewhere. I would love to send them to France for a while as punishment for being stupid and let them experience a life with NO customer service. They will gripe and complain, and I want to be there when a Frenchie bitch-slaps them.

I'm so rambling right now. I'm writing whatever pops into my head, so I'm just going to quit. Summary: I hate pollen and I want "the sisters" to shut up. The end.