Friday, April 16, 2004

Name of the day: Foketrick Smith. I sometimes wonder where these non-names come from. Some people have tired of the common, everyday names, like Michael and Sarah. It's not like they dislike these names; they just want their Michael or Sarah to stand out from the crowd, hence the inception of krazy spellt Michaels and Sarahs, or Mykals and Ceras.

Other people don't like any of the names that even sound like Mycal or Saruh, so they make up names. This can be done several ways, I guess, but some of the most common are 1) a sweet homogeny of the parents' names. Shawn and Rita might name their daughter Shawnit'a. Ruth and Paul might make a RuPaul. It's easy and fun. Try some for yourselves. What do you get when you cross a Phillip and a Susan?

2) A bag if scrabble tiles. This is my favorite way because not only do you invent new names, but you also introduce new sound combinations into our language. Let's play by scrabble draw seven random letters, like FCACTSU. There's your kid's name! Your kid is also worth 14 points, which is a great score made even better by placing it on a triple square.

Then there are enigmas, like Foketrick. What the? Where in the world does that come from? What does it mean? Is there a story behind it? Was mama still doing the crack when she just blurted that out? I just don't understand.

So these last few days have been uneventful. I hate Omarosa, from "The Apprentice", and I never want to see her ugly, bitchy mug on TV again. I laughed so hard when the Donald and Erika told her she was a liar, because she is. I hope she never gets another job again now that America knows what kind of person she is. She needs to do her job and leave her "agenda" on the bedside table when she leaves her house in the mornings. Stupid woman.


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