Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Name of the day: Dainmium Euclid something. One, I bet whoever named him doesn't know how to pronounce the middle name. Two, is he an element?

Name: Dainmium
Symbol: Dm
Atomic number: 119
Atomic weight: ?
Group number: 1
Period number: 8
Block: s-block

Standard state: solid at 298 K
Color: black metallic
Classification: Metallic

My friend, Zannah, referred me to this page, and told me to hit Ctrl+F on that page. It gave me a text box, and I typed in "Dainmium", and his whole name came up. Well, an abbreviated version. It seems there's not enough space to list the whole name, but this is what is there: POWELL, DAINMIUM EUCLID QUA'DERRICK DE'... Where I saw his name today, I only read Dainmium Euclid Powell. All that other stuff was missing, and rightly so. I get writer's cramp just thinking about it! I heart Zannah!

Mars, bitches!


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