Thursday, April 22, 2004

Name of the day: Chimera. And she is not an illusion or fabrication of the mind. She is a real patient at our office, but she pronounces it shuh-MEER-uh.

Is it manic of me to not be able to start some days if I can't find my hair mud? Sometimes, I don't really care what my hair looks like, but other times, I WILL NOT leave the house without it. I can't find it this morning. Normally I leave it where I do my hair in the mornings, but the maid always wants to put it somewhere else. And she can never put it in the same place twice...she's like lightening that way. However, I'd never describe her as lightening quick. Ever!

Anyway, these last two weeks have been luxurious as far as being able to find stuff because the maid's been in Guatemala. I haven't enjoyed vacuuming or ironing my clothes, but I think it is sometimes an even swap...vacuuming for being able to know where my stuff is at all times.

Something said last night made me think of a favorite story from my travels with my friend, Yolande. I don't remember what it was, but I have "soul sistah" written on a note in front of my computer. So here goes...

Yolande and I were living in France, and we wanted to take a trip to Spain. We were traveling through the Andalusian region and decided to go to Tarifa one morning. It is a port city that has many boats going back and forth to Morocco everyday. We really didn't have time to go to Morocco, but we were curious to find out how much it would cost to go. A couple of hours later we were in Morocco with a guide at the top of the hill in Tanger. We got out of our taxi, and this vender (who is Arab) was trying to get Yolande (who is from Togo in West Africa)'s attention by saying a bunch of different things in different languages. Finally he spat out, "Hey, soul sistah!" She and I quickly looked at each other and burst into laughter. She thumbed over toward him and rhetorically asked, "Did this dude just call me 'soul sistah'?" It was hilarious and something that you'd probably have had to witness to find the humor, but I still laugh about it periodically. She's my favorite soul sistah evah! We'll always have Tanger, Yolande...and Paris, and Madrid, and Cordoba, and Grenada, and Geneva, and Senegal, and...


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