Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I almost killed someone at Subway today. I mean, I go there at least once a week...three times on a good week because it's around the corner from the office, and it's drive-thru. So it's convenient if I want to pick something up quickly and eat in the park or at home in front of my computer like I am right now.

Anyway, I had two cards of stamps to get a free footlong (I always buy a footlong if I go. I eat half for lunch and half for dinner. Mmm... Mom doesn't cook.), and the girl said, "Oh, I'm sorry. These cards don't come from here, so we can't accept them." Apparently they stamp their store address on the back. So I responded, "Well, this is the only Subway I patronize, so these cards came from here whether they're stamped with your location or not." I'm going to do this a different way...
Her: I'm sorry we can't take them.
Me: But I come here to THIS Subway multiple times a week. This is the ONLY Subway I come to. These stamps came from THIS place.
Her: There's nothing I can do.
Me: So I come her often, all of these stamps come from here, and you can't do anything?
Her: (Takes the cards, shuts the window)
Mngr: Yes ma'am, this stamp (She's pointing to the only purple one on the cards) comes from here. These are the only ones I use.
Me: I'm sorry but you are wrong because I just got these (2 white ones) here yesterday. Also check your stamp container right there. What's in there now?
Mngr: Well, I'll throw these out today, and we'll accept your cards.
Me: Thank you. I don't want to raise a stink, but I come here regularly.
Mngr: Sorry about the misunderstanding.

I almost laughed in her face when she told me she only used purple stamps when I could see the white ones in the dispenser to her left. What a dummy!

Prudence McQueen, Muffy O'Connell and I had a moment this morning at the office. We have to have safety trainings regularly, and so Prudence McQueen was wondering when to schedule fire safety.

Prudence McQueen: The fire dept. can even set a fire in the parking lot and teach us how to extinguish it properly.
Muffy O'Connell: Maybe they should set someone on fire to practice that. (All three of us are thinking of volunteering "a sister")
Prudence McQueen: I don't think they train us to stand and watch!

It was a beautiful moment of snorts and cackles. It was my favorite line of the month, that's for sure.


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