Saturday, March 13, 2004

Name of the day: Luporche Shyte Stringer. Today's winner was published in the "marriages" section of our paper and will (has) probably make (made) babies with names like LaFerrari Bytche® and Sha'Cadi Ass® (I can't think of a way to mispell that one). I'll let you know.

Um...I have done absolutely nothing today. I slept until 11:00, and I stayed in bed watching last Thursday night's shows that I taped because I was at a bookclub meeting. After I finally ventured out of my bed, I watched the American curling championships and ate. Later I watched "Barbershop". I laughed. Now it's 17:30, and I think I should go take a shower so I can go to a crawfish boil later. I'm still in my pjs. Don't be jealous, now.


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