Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Name of the day: Levi Gene Pearson. He was an elder in my mission. He's a nice guy, who liked a lot of the same music as I. Say his name out loud several times, and guess why he wins "Name of the day".

You may remember my mentioning the sisters with whom I work, and their constant displeasure with every food purchase they make. Well, today when I got back from lunch, Ursula Braunstaen, the office managing sister, mentioned that she had gone to get a sandwich from Subway, and they "put [her] sandwich together without even asking [her] what [she] wanted on it." What I wanted to say in return: "You know what? Shut the ____ up! You wouldn't have been pleased even if they had asked you! It's not in your nature to be satisfied with anything you don't do yourself." She should just crawl her unhappy self behind the counter and make the sandwich herself.

While talking about "the sisters"...they were in the raunchiest mood today. They were so stressed out this morning...like there was a line of patients yelling at them to make appointments or to ask why their bill was so much or whatever. But today was hardly what one would call a "busy day". It was rather slow. I mean...we got to watch "Days of Our Lives" at noon. Take a chill pill and shut up! Just SHUT UP! ****!

So what's going to happen on "Days"? Marlena's killing everybody. She killed old Alice Horton today, for crying out loud! Is this going to be a "Dallas" thing? John's going to wake up and find Alice in the shower?

I'm not usually a watcher of the daytime "stories", but I've been reading TV Guide during lunch when I have to stay at the office. I had been reading the "Days" storyline for months, and last week I decided it's time to switch it on and watch. I'm pathetic, I know, but "Days" hasn't been this exciting since Marlena was possessed 9 years ago.