Thursday, March 25, 2004

Name of the day: Konner (with a K) W. Howell. I was going to pick Cyrenthia Detranece Finley-Ward, but I like the Konner (with a K) (only) W. Howell. Actually there were several good names in the Monroe paper today: all of them given to newborns. Brylee Elizabeth, Kourtney (with a K) Reanna, Tristen Jermya, Shalansia Erma Janae, Arianna DeonJeanet, and Liberty Grace. Yes, it was a good day for crappy baby names.

One of my new favorite late-night shows is called "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge". It's funny on two fronts: one, there are a bunch of gung-ho, crazy Japanese people knocking themselves senseless. I wonder if they get any sort of medical insurance from this show, what with all the hyperextensions, crushed faces and dislocated things I assume happen. I know some Japanese are freak contortionists, but I don't believe all of them are.

The second thing that makes this show funny is that Americans have completely taken the show out of context. They've made up their own commentary, a supposed translation of the Japanese commentators. The original show is called "Takeshi's Castle", and Takeshi and his team are defending his castle from Tani's team of crazy, gutsy grab bag of people (those who are kissing rock and log throughout the whole thing). The dialog has a lot of double entendres, and it's mostly annoying to listen to. But I think the guys are pretty clever anyway. It hurts to watch sometimes, but I laugh heartily the whole way through.

Another late-night fave is the Dave Chappelle Show. I belly-laugh for 30 straight minutes.

Today I went to Sonic for lunch. I rarely eat my lunch while sitting in my car, but I decided to change my routine. There is this one carhop, who has opted to wear rollerskates (I do believe they have a choice of skates or shoes), but she can't skate very well. She rolled out the door sort of awkwardly with her tray, and when she got to the spot to serve the order, she plowed into the speaker pole. I admit that I laughed. I don't feel like I'm mean to have done that. I mean, she did volunteer to wear the skates. She put herself under my scrutiny. While I sat and ate my lunch, I waited eagerly for her every return. I waited for loss of tray, but alas, it was in vain.


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