Sunday, March 28, 2004

Name of the day: Femelia. It makes me think of "familia". That's why I picked it.

My mom's "workstation" is in my room. Every Saturday night when I come home, all I want to do is check my email and go to bed. But she is always just starting her printing and other stuff for church the next day. And she never prints things that copy quickly. It takes like 30 minutes to print 15 full-color pages. THEN, she's got to cut out the stuff, type something else, reprint something she's messed up... And the thing that makes me mad is that I've been out for 5 hours. What was she doing that whole time? She was most likely sitting in here playing solitaire and watching a movie. I go crazy when she does that. Anyway...

I've mentioned before that I'm in the Young Women leadership at church. Every year there is a huge meeting for the Young Women all around the world. The leadership of the church speaks to us via satellite. Yeah...I forgot that it was tonight. I'm horrible. I'm going to catch so much flack tomorrow from the Young Women because I'm supposed to set an example by being there. Instead I was with some friends watching HGTV.

Je voudrais dire que je DETESTE les chaînes de télé qui traitent le jardinage et le bricolage. C'est bon de les regarder de temps en temps quand on veut améliorer sa maison, mais tout le temps? C'est la folie! J'aime bien aller poter chez certains amis, mais ils regardent cette chaîne 24/24. Ça me fait chier! J'adore mes amis, mais ces chaînes me soulent! Ils lisent ce truc, et c'est pour cette raison que je dis ceci en français. Merci et bonne nuit!

Who in the world is Joss Stone, and why is she ruining a White Stripes song on my MTV?!

Man, I'm easily annoyed today!


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