Sunday, March 21, 2004

Name of the day: Aristotle. I believe there are some names that should be a title. This is one of them. Even though I really like the person that has this name, I'm just not sure if he can fill the shoes that come with such a moniker.

I actually got to church on time today. I haven't done that in months. Every Sunday morning, about 20 minutes before meetings are to start, my mom says, "The bishop wants all leaders to be there 10 minutes early!" (She is over the little kids, and I am over the 12-18 year-old girls.) Everytime she says that to me, I make it a point to be 10 minutes late. I have nothing against being on time, but I HATE when she tells me the same thing every Sunday. DRIVES ME NUTS! Well, this morning she didn't make the announcement, so I didn't have anything to rebel against...well, except maybe the whole concept of church. I guess it's a good thing that I have a testimony that Jesus is my savior and that I have faith that I will be blessed by going to church meetings and by obeying the commandments given me.

On Sunday nights, the young single adults in our ward get together to get to know each other better and to talk about life. Tonight we were talking about some of the people our age, who don't come to church anymore, and how to better fellowship them. Someone showed a clip from a cheesy Mormon flick called Singles Ward. (LDS congregations are called wards, and where there are enough single people, there are singles wards. This movie is a parody of living within a singles ward.) The purpose of showing the clip was to show good vs. bad ways of trying to get people to come back to us. I HATE this movie. The clip was turning into clips, and I was about to leave when a girl finally stopped it. I was in a cold sweat by that time. After I had dried up, I got into a good conversation with some guys about traveling to Central America. The night ended better than it started. Thank goodness.

I hate when I buy my Sunday chocolate milk Saturday night and my sister comes over and drinks it while we're at church. I coulda given her such a smack! I mean, I try really hard to by my milk Saturday so I don't have to go shopping on Sunday, and BAM! She drinks it! What a...UGH!

I think I might have to fire my weather geisha! I look to her every morning to tell me what to wear, and she hasn't been here in days!


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