Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Strike three!

Another week has come and gone. Time flies when I’m in Pontcharra…like a dead duck. But seriously folks, I have fun adventures or stories to tell. I just have fun stories, actually. There were no adventures this week…sorry.

I was supposed to go play with cows last weekend. Some of you know how much I love cows. But I didn’t go because I decided not to go, and my back got tired of carryin’ my large sac everywhere and told me in a not so genteel way to not go anywhere. I was kind of sad, though because I really wanted to play with the cows. They are so cute! But Monique Bertola said she would drop me off down the road from her house so I can play with the cows and live with them if I want to.

Not a whole lot has happened this week. I had classes Monday and Tuesday, and I will have some tomorrow (or today for those who are readin’ this on Thursday). The teachers are strikin’ Thursday. I’m not sure what the strike is all about. I don’t understand strikes here. Everyone does it, except it isn’t anythin’ like the baseball strike, which is actually a real strike. This strike tomorrow is really just an excuse to not go to work, I think. Some teachers are comin’ to teach because…well, I don’t really know why. If I had a chance to take the day off, believe I would. I’m not sure what this strike is supposed to accomplish because it is only one day. The teachers could go stand out in front of wherever they go with signs sayin’, “Salads at lunch” or “Dry-erase boards” or “Oh no! I am po’.” or “More vacations” or whatever they want.

(Why they would want more vacations is beyond my comprehension, what with the way they make their own with these “strikes” and junk. And besides that, we have a TWO WEEK vacation comin’ up next week. BAM! Right in the middle of the term. These people are serious about their vacation time. Three weeks for Christmas. Two weeks at the end of February and the beginnin’ of March for Mardi Gras, and then two weeks at the end of April for Easter. So I think I have 5 whole workdays durin’ these next six months…but you won’t see me at that strike tomorrow as long as I’m gettin’ paid.)

So back to this “strike”… How can this thing be taken seriously if it’s only one day? The teachers are still standin’ outside of wherever they go with those signs or screamin’ or whatever, and the dude they are shoutin’ at is sittin’ in his fat chair poppin’ bread and foie gras in his mouth chucklin’ while tryin’ to drink his wine, sayin’ to himself, “It’s over tomorrow. What to do, what to do? Put down my wine? It’s over tomorrow. These people need to talk to some baseball players to learn what a strike is all about. If these little people were really strikin’, then I’d have to push the foie gras away because LA FRANCE can’t have stupid imbéciles walkin’ around. They need culture. They need language. But alas, these people will be home by dinner. It’s over tomorrow.”

Speakin’ of baseball, I am so glad to see a DIFFERENT World Series happenin’. I wish I could watch it. I don’t mean to turn my back on my Braves, but I just can’t watch them in the post-season anymore. I love them dearly; I do. But I have some trust issues with them. I’m glad to see that the Angels took out those stupid pinstripes in the first round. A truly heavenly moment…I hate the Yankees.

I don’t know if that one teacher is comin’ to school tomorrow or if she is strikin’, but I can tell you this. I will not be in my room at 8:00 in the mornin’. I refuse! You know, I don’t think that I’m gonna be teachin’ tomorrow since I haven’t seen her and she has my schedule and knows dang well where I am on Thursday mornin’s however I haven’t seen her in like two weeks now, so I won’t be there tomorrow. And it’s the strike tomorrow. And she hasn’t been at school all week. Maybe she was fired for being an airhead. You know, I shouldn’t defame her. She is really a nice lady, but she is blond. I have a problem with blonds who live up to their stereotype. I really wonder where she’s been this week.

Okay, vive la grève! Vive la France! Vive la bonne hygiène! Soyez sages! A la prochaine…


At 22:28, Blogger c jane said...


2 Things:
Why don't write a book about your time in France?

and two, it's been too long since I have seen you.

and three (I know sorry) if you were to have foie gras in your path today, would you eat it?

At 22:36, Blogger kiki said...

1. I think I would need to move back to France for such a thing to materialize. Not a bad idea, actually.

2. I agree. I should go down to West Sy-eed to give some attention to a certain pukey-puke some time soon.

3. Never.


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